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AW: [Condor-users] how can a condor job connect on a Map network drive for windows platform?


A few weeks ago I tested the the same tactic with the batch-file and the net
use command, but I noticed a problem. When you log in on the executing
machine with a different user-account, this user sees the same drivemap as
connected by the net use command in the batch file. This drive is shown as
not connected and the user can't browse on this drive, but he can't
disconnect this drive either. The only solution I saw was to restart this
computer, because after that, the mapdrive was not connected anymore.

Did anybody saw the same behaviour?
(Our pool consists of Windows2000(SP4)-Machines with the Condor


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drive for windows platform?

one thing you can do, and which i have done, is mount the drive in the .bat
file that you execute through condor

look at the "net use x: \\computername\sharename password /USER:username"

the above line would be for windows machines.

after that.. you can use your regular X: drivemap pointer.

Hope that helps,

ramzi khaskhoussi wrote:

>Hi all,
>I have shared some directories to all my windows machine pool by using 
>the Map network drive( X: ).
>when I use this directories without condor all things work fine.
>But the problem is : when I submit a job  that use  this map network 
>drive ( for example to tar a file.tar.gz that exists in the network 
>drive x:)  there is a problem. condor can't access to this network 
>drive X:
>I get this error in the .err file:
> tar (child): /cygdrive/x/gz/apa_comp_pro64.tar.gz: Cannot open: No 
>such file or directory.
>I ask if someone can help me?
>thanks ,
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