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RE: [Condor-users] Condor on Windows 2003 Server

Title: RE: [Condor-users] Condor on Windows 2003 Server

Well John, I'm sorry to say we didn't run into any of those issues.  We are using 6.6.9 on our 2k3 and XP boxes.

Things that you might want to consider:
1) What account did you install from?
2) What is the Access Control List for your installation directory?  Where did you install?
3) What if you used the IP's instead of computer names?

I wouldn't expect the Domain Controller would effect it.  It sounds like perhaps it can't read the condor_configs, or it can't resolve the Host Names.  Once again I would check the ACL and/or try using IP addresses.


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>> What do you mean by "didn't work"? It's hard to debug the problem without
>> seeing more information.

Your right.  I didn't give more information because I sent 2 emails last
week to the list about my problems on Win2k3 and Gentoo Linux, but I didn't
get a single response on either one.  So I figured I would just send a
general 'Does this thing work on Win2k3?' question.  I pasted my Win2k3
email from last week below.  Any help/ideas would be appreciated.


John Alberts
Technical Assistant for EMS
Purdue University Calumet

------From Last Week------

I figured I would take a stab at installing and using Condor.  I tried to
install both 6.7.8 and 6.6.10 and had no luck with either.

The machines I tried to install this on are:

  Windows 2003 sp1 Domain Controller (made it central manager)


  WindowsXP sp2 (joined to existing pool)


I first tried to install 6.7.8.  I realize it is a development release, but
it seemed more feature complete.  During installation I received 2 dialog
box errors.  Both had the title "Grepping" and the message was "Couldn't
find [COLLECTOR_NAME] in [condor_config.local]" and "Couldn't find
[DAEMON_LIST] in [condor_config.local]".  Installation continued normally
after these 2 errors.  I included my subnet to have read and write
permission and used my FQDN for the admin field.

After install, I started the Condor service.  The install docs said several
services should start, depending on the rolls of the particular machine.
Only the condor_master.exe was running.  Restarting the Condor service would
not start the collector process or any other process.  Since I received
errors about condor_config.local, I attempted to look at the file with
notepad.  The file seems to not be formatted properly.  I needed to use
wordwrap to see all of the contents and there were some symbols on every
line (mixed with the actual words).  I think it is a unix vs dos format
problem.  I also noticed in the condor_config file that the paths for every
variable are using the wrong slash for the path and actually mixing slashes.
Instead of c:\condor\bin, I see c:\condor/bin.


Installing on the WindowsXP went more smoothly.  I installed this as a node
on an existing pool.  No errors popped up; however, I had the same problem
with only the condor_master.exe running.


I eventually gave up on the devolopment version and tried the stable release
(6.6.10).  It installed fine on both computers; however, I had the same
goofy path problem in my condor_config file but condor_config.local looked
fine.  Still, only the condor_master.exe service was running and the other
processes, such as condor_collector would not start.



I'm going to try installing this on a Gentoo Linux box that I have and make
it the central manager.  Hopefully I will have better luck on Linux.

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