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Re: [Condor-users] Condor and ODBC/JDBC...

Paul Wolmering wrote:

I would like to extend that to include the SQL coming from a 3rd party app via ODBC/JDBC.

While this may be possible to do, I'm sure no one has done it yet, at least not that we've heard of. So, you'd need to build it yourself. I know there are a bunch of open-source JDBC proxies around the net. I'd start with one of these, and see if you can modify it to do what you want.

However, I'd be surprised, if you got much of a performance win by doing this. (Keep in mind, that I am often surprised.) Complex SQL statements tend to consume a lot of CPU and IO on the SQL server, and often on the client, but rarely in the middle. You might be better off if you could submit the whole application to condor.