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Re: [Condor-users] How to get CONDOR environmentvariablesfromarun ning task

Ian Chesal a écrit :

>I love answering my own questions...it gives me the feeling I'm talking
>to myself. Anyhow...
>I think I may have a lead for you. Check out the STARTER_JOB_ENVIRONMENT
>setting which lets you configure the startup environment jobs see on a
>per-machine basis (it's a condor configuration setting that is).
>So you'd want to add something like:
>to your condor configuration file. And NOW it should be an environment
>variable when your job starts. You could also just add $(BIN) and
>$(SBIN) to the PATH with this approach as well...
And that works, thanks :o)

Keep talking to yourself, it actually helps :o)