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RE: [Condor-users] Java job examples in packages - problem reading data files


I'm having a similar problem running java on condor.

There seems to be some sort of problem with file transfer when running
jobs with java jar files which require non "input / argument" files.

Specifically the "transfer_input_files" and related arguments seem to
interfere with using the "jar_files" argument.

For example if I have "A.jar" which needs to read "B.txt" at some point
in its process I would expect to submit something along the lines of
this classad

# jar pickup classad

 universe       = java
 executable     = A.jar
 arguments      = someClass
 output         = pickup.output
 error          = pickup.error
 jar_files 	= A.jar
 should_transfer_files = YES
 transfer_input_files = B.txt
 when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT

However this job will not work as I will get an error with regarding
flags being 00. If I remove the "jar_files" argument the job will
submit successfully however the job will then return with a java class
not found exception.

In 2.8.1 Example Java Program in the condor user manual it states

> Note that the JVM must know whether it is receiving JAR files or class
> files. Therefore, Condor must also be informed, in order to pass the
> information on to the JVM. That is why there is a difference in submit
> description file commands for the two ways of specifying files
> (transfer_input_files and jar_files).

Which seems to indicate that I can't use both arguments? Is there a way
to transfer additonal non input files over condor with a jar classad? At
present I have been putting the additonal files on web server and then
downloading them at the start of each job run, however this doesn't seem
to be part of the condor way of doing things.

Any suggestions would be greatfully received.



> Hi all,
>        Here is an interesting (maybe) scenario. In the java universe, if
> I have a base class and read a file from the base directory, there is no
> problem. Once I create a class in a package, plus other classes; I
> immediately run into problems reading in a text/data file from the base
> directory.
>        Another similar problem occurs when trying to create a folder in
> the virtual environment I am running in, and this concept has been
> removed from the program. Are there any examples which may describe
> issues like this, or documentation that I have not seen.
>        Incidentally, the files are all jarred and trnasferred correctly,
> the problem is recognising where the data/text file to be read actually
> exists.
>        I can post more detail, if this is insufficient.
> Thanks
> Kevan