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re: [Condor-users] Does Condor lock the output file while opening forwriting?

Yongjun Luo <yjluo@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Hi there,
>I have a job reading data from a input file, then writing the results
>into the same file. And I need submit many times of this job (e.g. Queue
>1000). My question is does Condor lock the output file(same as the input
>file) to prevent it from reading while writing?

No, the file is not locked.

Perhaps you want to make a copy of the file and submit like

     output = foo.$(Process)
     queue 1000


 i.e. When one job is
>writing the results into the file, other jobs which need read the data
>from it must wait. Thanks!
>Best Regards,
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