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Re: [Condor-users] condor_config_val doesn't set/retreive customv aluesproperly

Cargnelli, Matthieu a écrit :


>>hi Matthieu,
>>Don't forget to do a condor_reconfig after a condor_config_val.
>>I never tried it with a master attribute, only with a startd attribute:
>>condor_config_val -startd -rset "JCAE_READY = TRUE"
>>condor_config_val -startd JCAE_READY
>>should work (but going off of memory here, let me know if this still
>>doesn't work and I'll look it up)
This works fine, but I have yet another question: after some tests I'm 
able to modify the schedd properties with a particular task that sets 
the right property and call condor_reconfig -schedd. Now I'd like to add 
as a requirement to a new job that the property has to be set (to true). 
I couldn't find how to refer in the requirements the fooBar property *of 
the schedd* (it isn't defined for the master, just the schedd, so the 
default won't work).


Matthieu Cargnelli