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Re: [Condor-users] Question Regarding Configuration File Syntax

On 7/29/05, Derek Wright <wright@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> macros are anything you put in the config file that you refer to with
> $() to do a simple text substitution.  in general, macros themselves
> are not things condor knows about and looks for, but are used to help
> define things which condor is looking for from the config file.

And on that note remember that $(Foo) is simple text substitution
rather than seperate evaluation so

Foo = TARGET.Bar =?= "Flibble"


RANK = $(OTHER_RANK) + ($(Foo) * 2)

then it macro expands to 

RANK = $(OTHER_RANK) + (TARGET.Bar =?= "Flibble" * 2)

Then the * binds tighter than the =?= and you get no boost from having put 
+Bar = "Flibble" in your submit file :)

if you use these macros as expression like properties then either get
in the habit of writing

($(Foo)) * x

or make the macro

Foo = ( whatever )

this should avoid nasty head scratching