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RE: [Condor-users] Question Regarding Configuration File Syntax

> ...
> > Any insight on the proper use of $() is greatly appreciated.
> hopefully the above will help.  in my copious free time (yeah, right),
> i'll try to make sure the manual is more accurate with some of these
> details.  until then, you'll just have to suffer.
> again, sorry this is so confusing.  i'll be the first to admit (and
> complain) that condor's user interface is quite clumsy, full of legacy
> weirdness, inconsistencies, and things that are counter-intuative.  if
> we never had to worry about backwards (and i do mean backwards)
> compatibility, it would have all been changed long ago...  

Amendments to the manual to make this clear would certainly be useful. Information on
when capitalisation must match would be useful additional info, as would further info
on the use of TARGET prefix.

Thanks for a very informative mailing