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[Condor-users]question on Windows


I just downloaded condor-6.6.10-winnt50-x86.exe and read the

I found that Condor Version 6.6.10 supported platforms include Windows 2000
Professional and Server, 2003 Server (Win NT) on page 6 in the manual But not
including Windows XP.However,on page 309 manual tells me that Condor for Windows
requires Windows 2000 (or better) or Windows XP. 

I want to know whether Condor on Windows XP can run as the Central Manager ?

I run condor-6.6.10-winnt50-x86.exe on the machine whose platform is Windows2000
The configuration of Condor follwed by GUIbased setup program are :
Creating a New pool ...
Name of the pool : BIT ASR
hostname : condor_0
release dir : C:\Condor
email : asr2004@xxxxxxxxxx
domain : asr.bit.edu.cn
Access permissions:
  Read : asr.bit.edu.cn
  Write : asr.bit.edu.cn
  Administrator : condor_0

Between configing Condor and installing Condor(copy files),my computer prompt "The
service cannot be installed due to an unknow error",then installion continues.

After installion,I run the command "condor_status"
the result is "Error: could not fetch ads----can't find collector"
the result is "-- Failed to fetch ads from: <> : bit-bc0040dde1d"

I check in the Task Manager , condor_collector is running .

Now how can solve this problem ?