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[Condor-users] Condor Knowledge Base and Support Site

Dear Condor Users,

During Condor week in March, I announced a partnership between Optena and the University of Wisconsin around Condor. The overarching goal of our partnership with the Condor team is to work closely with the University to provide the Condor community with enhanced capabilities around Condor, both in terms of services and additional products. As part of our partnership, Optena committed to make tangible investments in strengthening Condor and making it easier to use. I am very pleased to announce today to the Condor community that we are delivering on our commitment to invest in Condor with the release of a new Condor support site (http://condor.optena.com). This new Condor support site has been developed - and will be maintained on an ongoing basis - by Optena at our sole expense. The primary goal of this site is to provide the Condor community more support resources. Our new Condor support site includes the following key features that we think will be of value to the Condor c!
 ommunity of users: 
- A Condor knowledgebase for the community with separate tracks (resource pages) containing informational articles about working with Condor: 
The tracks as of now are: 
     - Condor Configuration 
     - Condor Installation 
     - Windows Related Issues
     - A question and answer forum ?AskMike? managed and responded to by Mike Yoder, Principal Member, of Optena?s Technical Staff (and a Condor alumnus). 
     - A searchable access to the ?Condor-Users? mailing list A major effort has also been made to add value to the Condor manual - not simply duplicate its contents. 

We believe that in this first release of our Condor support site, we have succeeded in filling in some of the gaps that are not covered anywhere else. This site is based on the principles of a Wiki. Anonymous users can browse the entire site, and can add content to the Contrib space. Registered users can leave comments on pages on the entire site, and have more privileges in the Contrib space. 

We would like to make this site the default landing place for added value information about Condor and how to use it. To do this, we need your participation through submissions, feedback and suggestions for improvement. Please take a moment to review the site and provide us feedback as to what you like about it and any additions/changes you would like to see. Optena remains committed to working with University of Wisconsin on making Condor the leader in High Throughput Computing. When coupled with Optena's enterprise class Condor support options and GridSpaces, we believe Condor represents the clear choice for enabling computing grids within both commercial and non-commercial enterprises. I sincerely hope that you find our new Condor support site valuable and that you will become an active participant in keeping the information on the site fresh through your contributions. 

Best regards, 
Surendra Reddy 
Founder and CTO 
Optena Corporation