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Re: [Condor-users] Job start with WinXP and Win2003Srv

You might want to check your OpSys ClassAd.  By default, when you submit a
job, Condor adds a requirement of OpSys equal to the OpSys on the
submitter.  I believe that Win2K shows up as WINNT50, XP as WINNT51, and
Win2003 as WINNT52 (I could be wrong).  You can add a requirements to your
submit and specify the additional OpSys values or you can force the
startd's to report as a single operating system by defining OPSYS in
condor_config (I chose the latter).

Hope this helps.

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I have a little problem with starting jobs in a Windows only environment. I
have some XP stations and some Win2003 Servers in my pool.
With condor_status Iâll see all systems.
If I submit the little printname job from a XP station, all XP clients will
work fine, but no Win2003 Server.
If I submit the job from a Win2003 Server, then all Servers work, but no XP
My condor master is on a Win2003 Server.

Any ideas?
Thanks for help.

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