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Re: [Condor-users] unhandled DEFAULT_PRIO_FACTOR ?

Hello, Erik.

> Check the MasterLog on your central manager. My guess is that your
Nothing of this sort there: 
For the matter of doubt removal I restarted the central manager..

> condor_reconfig was denied and so the running daemons didn't get the
> change. The MasterLog should give you enough information about what went
> wrong, or just send a SIGHUP to the condor_collector

Our version of condor might be not exactly straight plain vanilla 6.6.9
I've noticed "HAD" in DAEMON_LIST in condor_config.
when was HAD introduced into the mainstream ?  

It can be the issue of HAD changes handling:
I think it is possible that in HAD situtation, when killing 1 manager
( out of 3 ) will 
pass the ball to the left 2, which probably mess some things.

Thanks for the input,

> -Erik