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Re: [Condor-users] MasterLog entries -- what does it mean> - should I worry?

Rob Fletcher wrote:

In my MasterLog file I get these entries ...

6/7 10:56:51 New Daemon obj (negotiator) name: "NULL", pool: "NULL", addr: "NULL"
6/7 10:56:51 NEGOTIATOR_HOST is set to ""
6/7 10:56:51 Using name "" to find daemon
6/7 10:56:51 Port not specified, using default (9614)
6/7 10:56:51 Host info "" is an IP address
6/7 10:56:51 Destroying Daemon object:
6/7 10:56:51 Type: 6 (negotiator), Name:, Addr: <>
6/7 10:56:51 FullHost: (null), Host: (null), Pool: (null), Port: 9614
6/7 10:56:51 IsLocal: Y, IdStr: (null), Error: (null)
6/7 10:56:51  --- End of Daemon object info ---

Condor 6.6.9 Master: 1 * WBEL Pool: 4 * WindowsXP Pro

What does it mean? Should I worry? And if so, what do I fix?

Hi Rob,
What this means is that condor is unable to find a hostname for your machine Do you have a DNS server configured for your network? If you don't, you could try adding an entry for in your /etc/hosts file.

Condor relies heavily on the DNS and we would recommend that you set one up (if you don't have one already).
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