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[Condor-users] condor_master error


I recently tried to move the location of LOCAL_DIR from an nfs drive to a directory on a local disk (but not the root disk). I am able to run condor_configure to move the log, execute, and spool directories to the new location (although I am curious as to why these directories are created with owner condor and group root?), but when I then try to run condor_master, which I start up as root, I get the following error:

Can't open "/viewstore/condor/log/MasterLog"
6/7 13:42:08 dprintf() had a fatal error in pid 31177
Can't open "/viewstore/condor/log/MasterLog"
errno: 13 (Permission denied)
euid: 50025, ruid: 0

50025 is the uid of condor (CONDOR_IDS is set to the condor uid.gid). I get the same error if I change the group of the LOCAL_DIR directories to condor. However, I can su condor and explicitly create /viewstore/condor/log/MasterLog.

Any idea what's going on?