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Re: [Condor-users] kerberos and condor

Andoni Olozaga wrote:
i am trying to set up kerberos authentication on
condor using linux machines.
i don't understand the instruction of the manual very
well, maybe due to my good english :-)
my questions are:
- the macros have to be defined in the
condor_config.local file haven't they???

Yes - you could define them in your condor_config.local file.

- does the kerberos server have to be install on the
condor server or can i install in another dedicated

You need not install Kerberos authentication server on a condor server - you could install it on a different machine.

- if i can install it in a dedicated machine where
would  I indicate it???

Using the KERBEROS_MAP_FILE and related macros in the config file. Do check http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/manual/v6.7/3_7Security_In.html#SECTION00473200000000000000

Briefly, here are the steps that we used for configuring kerberos based authentication -

0. Make sure the clocks of all your machines are in synch (we use NTP)

1. Install KDC, establish realm and the user principal that you want your condor daemons to use (http://web.mit.edu/kerberos/www/krb5-1.3/krb5-1.3.5/doc/krb5-install.html#Installing%20Kerberos%20V5
and http://www.informit.com/guides/content.asp?g=security&seqNum=31&rl=1 describe how to do this). You may also want to create user accounts and make sure you can obtain tickets for these from any condor host.

2. Define the kerberos map file and other authentication settings in your config file and startup your daemons.

Let me know if this works for you.
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