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AW: [Condor-users] Condor 6.6.9 on XP machines (with SP 2 installed)

> I have seen a potential solution on the mailing list. The 
> user added the following to the Condor registry key...
> DependOnService REG_MULTI_SZ Netman SharedAccess

Yes, I posted this "solution" a few weeks ago. Unfortunately  I found out,
that this work around doesn't work on all of our XP-machines. Until today, I
couldn't find out, why this works on some XP-machines and on some not. 

> Unfortunately we didn't manage to get this work around to 
> function properly -- we couldn't even "see" the machine in 
> condor_status. So does anyone have any advice for us please?

When the registry-hack doesn't work on our XP-machines we only have the
problem, that "condor_Status -direct NAME" doesn't work, because the Windows
Firewall blocks any request, but with condor_status every request is beeing
serviced. Are you sure, you waited long enough for that machine to send his
classads to the central manager?

Thomas Bauer