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[Condor-users] Poor XP responsiveness for large number of shadow processes

Hi all,

We're noticing that our Windows XP submit machines seems to cope only poorly
when large numbers (say 40+) of shadow processes are in place. This symptoms
are that the GUI becomes very sluggish and occasionally completely
unresponsive for periods of time exceeding 10+ seconds. The jobs being run
do generate large volumes of network traffic, both at start-up and
completion. I'm wondering :

1. Is this to be expected ? Do Linux/Unix users see similar 'stresses' in
their systems or is it that Windows multi-tasks only poorly ?
2. If this is atypical for Windows systems is there anything we can do to
improve useability ? Eg, increase the desktop heap size ??

FYI : each submit machine has 2Gb Ram, dual processors, max swap space set,
1Gb Ethernet LAN connection.