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RE: [Condor-users] Are CONDOR_SCRATCH and EXECUTE directive equal?


I have a question about the CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR and the EXECUTE =
/my/dir/here options for condor config files.  Are they the same?
EXECUTE has to be defined but does CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR need to be
defined?  It not, what does it default to?

EXECUTE is a config file variable that points to, uh, the execute directory. :-)

CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR is an environment variable that's placed (by Condor)
into the job's environment.  It's intended to give the job a temporary
directory to play around in.

So the job will start in EXECUTE and have CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR in its environment.
Do you know if these directories are created (and cleaned up after the job) by Condor or not?
If not, will Condor fail if these do not exist or will the job be responsible to check and eventually create them?