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Re: [Condor-users] Are CONDOR_SCRATCH and EXECUTE directive equal?

On Thu, Jun 23, 2005 at 03:18:36PM -0500, Marco Mambelli wrote:
> Hi,
> >>I have a question about the CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR and the EXECUTE =
> >>/my/dir/here options for condor config files.  Are they the same?
> >>EXECUTE has to be defined but does CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR need to be
> >>defined?  It not, what does it default to?
> >
> >EXECUTE is a config file variable that points to, uh, the execute
> >directory. :-)
> >
> >CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR is an environment variable that's placed (by Condor)
> >into the job's environment.  It's intended to give the job a temporary
> >directory to play around in.
> >
> So the job will start in EXECUTE and have CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR in its 
> environment.
> Do you know if these directories are created (and cleaned up after the 
> job) by Condor or not?

EXECUTE is not created by Condor - it's the directory that we create 

> If not, will Condor fail if these do not exist or will the job be 
> responsible to check and eventually create them?

Condor will not start if there is not an EXECUTE directory. When Condor
wants to start a job, it will create a new directory in EXECUTE, and
delete it when the job is done.

The job starts in the CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR, unless the job lists somewhere
else to start, but I still think Condor creates the CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR.