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RE: [Condor-users] Using condor to update condor

> If I am understanding you guys correctly, you are thinking to wait for the whole cluster to stop crunching before updating.
> Now, my thought is.  Why couldn't you send a command to each node (through an admin level command), that would tell them that at the completion of their current job, update your files from folder x?  Then restart/reconfig and hook back > up to the queue.  Each node would upgrade itself at the next convenient time.  That way if you have a couple nodes running some big long runs, you don't waste the clock cycles on the other machines.

Kind of. I don't need the whole cluster to stop crunching, just each node. So when a node has downtime (or can be forced gracefully to have downtime) it updates it's binaries. What's an "admin level command"? Do you mean a condor-specific command or are you talking about something on Windows?

I agree with Matt Hope that there are plenty of ways to accomplish software updates on windows that cost money. I think we use LAN Desk here. It'd be nice if there was some rudimentary support for this in Condor. Sounds like no one is using Condor to try and accomplish anything like this though.

- Ian