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RE: [Condor-users] Why could this match not be made?

> > Anything jump out at you? I'm stumped. Thanks for taking 
> the time to 
> > ponder this.
> I can't think of much else.
> A good sanity test is to target the execute node in the 
> requirements statement, but I see you are doing this in any 
> case with Machine == "TTC-BS3066-200.altera.com"
> How about setting START = TRUE and see if the job runs then. 
> If it runs, then your START expression is wrong, if not then 
> there is not too much point worryign about the START expression!

The trouble is _one_ jobs starts, but that's it! It's a dual processor
machine so process 0 should start and so should process 1 but what I'm
seeing is that process 0 starts and then process 1 gets that "no match"
message in the negotiatior log.

> Does the job start, and then stop, or never match. If so it 
> could be permission problems somwehere along the line.

Nope. No trashing. Once a job starts it runs to completion. It's just
been impossible to get two jobs to start on the dual proc machine. One
job will start and the next job in the cluster will get that "no match"
and then when the one job finishes the next job in the cluster will
suddenly match.

Very, very strange.

- Ian