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RE: [Condor-users] Why could this match not be made?

> The trouble is _one_ jobs starts, but that's it! It's a dual processor
> machine so process 0 should start and so should process 1 but what I'm
> seeing is that process 0 starts and then process 1 gets that 
> "no match"
> message in the negotiatior log.

Very strange

You could change your requirements to send to Name instead of Machine
and then target 1 to each.
> > Does the job start, and then stop, or never match. If so it 
> > could be permission problems somwehere along the line.
> Nope. No trashing. Once a job starts it runs to completion. It's just
> been impossible to get two jobs to start on the dual proc machine. One
> job will start and the next job in the cluster will get that 
> "no match"
> and then when the one job finishes the next job in the cluster will
> suddenly match.
> Very, very strange.

definitely, although I am not certain that your START statement will be of
any use for things that wouldn't go there anyway with START = TRUE