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Re: [Condor-users] AMD Opteron Crashes


On Mar 7, 2005, at 8:04 AM, Prashant Lal wrote:

 Yes in my cluster also it is working fine.

May I know what the error actually you are getting?

Using linux-glibc23 on x86_64 I don't get a real error. SchedLog only tells that the Starter died with a SEGFAULT.

3/7 11:12:39 Starter pid 26885 died on signal 11 (signal 11)

The last lines in the StarterLog are

3/7 11:12:39 (fd:11) Doing CONDOR_register_starter_info
3/7 11:12:39 (fd:11) ShouldTransferFiles is "NO", NOT transfering files
3/7 11:12:39 (fd:11) Submit UidDomain: "zib.de"
3/7 11:12:39 (fd:11)  Local UidDomain: "zib.de"
3/7 11:12:39 (fd:11) Initialized user_priv as "bzfproha"

No error is reported, the starter silently dies.


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