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[Condor-users] Submitting jobs from Windows XP, Windows Server

Condor Users:


I am very new to Condor.  Perhaps the answers to my questions would be obvious if I knew more about it.


We have a MS Windows environment (XP Pro and Windows Server 2003) and would like to submit “compiled’ MATLAB jobs to run on Condors systems on the University of Wisconsin campus.  It seems that most, if not all, of these systems are running some version of UNIX.


I have looked at the documentation and most of it seems oriented towards UNIX users.  It is unclear to me if we can submit jobs from MS Windows systems to run under Condor on UNIX systems?  Can we submit jobs from non-UNIX systems?


Also, we would need to have Condor transfer files needed to run the MATLAB procedures.  Is this possible if the files originate on a MS Windows system?


Thank you for your help!


Bill Patterson

UW-Madison School of Business