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Re: [Condor-users] condor_collector crashing with Signal 11

On Mon March 14 2005 11:49 am, Ian Chesal wrote:

> > The site master is Linux. Redhat 9. Running 6.7.5. But we
> > have a lot of
> > 6.7.3 startd/schedd's in our pool still. It was unset, does
> > that mean it defaults to true? There were no core files
> > created that I could find (not in root's home dir or under
> > any directory where condor is installed on this machine /home/condor).
> >
> > I'm at the conference if you want to meet to talk about this...
> I forgot to mention that we replaced the hardware and it's still
> segfaulting.

It defaults to false.  If set to true, the core files will show up in the log 


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