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Re: [Condor-users] Absolute and relative paths on Windows.

Hi Jaime,

I've tried this before whereby Ifrf.exe is in C:\Program Files\isis\bin
while combine.ipf is in C:\ENKF\parameter. The submit file for this is
defined below. I'm on a Windows machine so would the "../../.." be defined
in a different way? It really does seem pretty simple but nothing seems to
work! Would it make any difference if the output from running Ifrf.exe are a
bunch of actual files and not some textual input? The output files would
eventually end up in C:\ENKF\parameter as well. Thanks again.

executable       = Ifrf.exe
universe         = vanilla
transfer_input_files    = ../../../ENKF/parameter/combine.ipf
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT_OR_EVICT
arguments        = combine.ipf
output           = test.out
error            = test.error
log              = test.log

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> On Mon, 14 Mar 2005, Alan De Smet wrote:
> > > arguments=combine.ipf
> > > transfer_input_files=C:\foo\bar\ENKF\parameter\combine.ipf
> >
> > Again, note the need to use full paths.  A relative path might
> > work, but it would be relative to the current working directory
> > of the condor_schedd; probably not what you want. (Indeed, it
> > will likely be whatever LOG is set to in your config files.)
> Relative paths are relative to the current working directory of
> condor_submit (i.e. the directory you're in when you run condor_submit).
> You can change this with the initialdir attribute in the submit file.
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