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RE: [Condor-users] Problem running examples about PVM

> Hi!
> I have a problem related to PVM, and I'd be very thankful if anybody could
> help me.

I may be able to help, but it's been awhile since I worked with condor-pvm, so please bear with me.

> What I've done is just install condor, and then I tryed the examples,
> which ran properly.
> After that, I tryed the PVM example, but I got the following error
> message:
> ------------------------------------------------
> [condor@ferrari PVM]$ make
> gcc -O  -I/home/condor/condor/sbin//include  -
> L/home/condor/condor/sbin//lib/X86SOL2 -g master_sum.c -lpvm3 -lsocket -
> lnsl -o master_sum
> master_sum.c:49:18: pvm3.h: No existe el fichero o el directorio -> File
> or directory does not exists

Yeah, if you can't find pvm3.h you'll have all sorts of trouble.

> Although I didn't installed PVM by hand, I think it was installed
> automatically with condor, because I get the following when running < ls -
> l `condor_config_val PVMD` >:
> ------------------------------------------------
> [condor@ferrari PVM]$ ls -l `condor_config_val PVMD`
> -rwxr-xr-x  1 condor condor 545431 ene 27 10:03
> /home/condor/condor/sbin/condor_pvmd
> [condor@ferrari PVM]$
> ------------------------------------------------
> Because of this, I set PVM_ROOT in the Makefile of the example to
> /home/condor/condor/sbin, but, as you can see, it does not work at all!
> After that, I tryed setting PVM_ROOT = /usr/share/pvm3, and got the
> following:
> ------------------------------------------------
> [condor@ferrari PVM]$ make
> gcc -O  -I/usr/share/pvm3/include  -L/usr/share/pvm3/lib/X86SOL2 -g
> master_sum.c -lpvm3 -lsocket -lnsl -o master_sum

Changing that first '-I' enabled you to pick up the system's default pvm3.h, which is why it *almost* worked.

> master_sum.c: In function `main':
> master_sum.c:361: error: `PvmHostSuspend' no se declaró aquí (primer uso
> en esta función) -> `xxx'  has not been declared here
> master_sum.c:361: error: (Cada identificador no declarado solamente se
> reporta una vez
> master_sum.c:361: error: para cada funcion en la que aparece.)
> master_sum.c:363: error: `PvmHostResume' no se declaró aquí (primer uso en
> esta función) -> `xxx'  has not been declared here
> make: *** [master_sum] Error 1
> [condor@ferrari PVM]$
> ------------------------------------------------
> What can I do to run this example?
> It migth be because of the value of PVM_ROOT, isn't it?
> Thank you in advance for your help!

Condor ships a _slightly_ altered version (4 lines of code) of PVM.  See

http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/pvm/ and 

Those pages are quite old, but I believe they are still valid.  I believe that condor makes its own version of pvm available (the entire pvm distribution, not just the few condor-pvm binaries).  The pvm 3.4.1 distribution is available from the pages above; I don't know if a more recent version is available.

If you can alter the installed version of pvm in /usr/share/pvm3, just change the four lines of code described above and it should work for you.

Hope that helps,

Mike Yoder
Optena Corporation