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[Condor-users] SOAP in 6.7.5


I've been trying to get the SOAP interface working with Condor 6.7.5, but ran into some issues and
I'm wondering if anyone else is willing to share their experiences.
I installed Condor 6.7.5, downloaded the .wsdl's from the birdbath page, placed them in
RELEASE_DIR/web, and followed the rest of the installation instructions.

This seems to work correctly with Axis and Java, but fails under .net.
Under Axis queryAnyAds() returns ClassAdStructArray, which is an array of ClassAdStruct's, which
are wrappers for ClassAdStructAttr[] ... this works fine and gives me results.

Under .net queryAnyAds() is marked to return ClassAdStructAttr[][], but when I run it, it returns an empty
array. The fact that I get something under Axis suggests I should also be getting something under .net.
 Is there a problem with MS's wsdl parser or is it just trying to be "helpful" and messes up as usual?
I am no wsdl guru :(

I was a little less successfull with this one. I gathered that I should be using port 9614 for this.
Most methods, including beginTransaction(), error out with
"Method 'beginTransaction' not implemented: method name or namespace not recognized", under
both Axis and .net. Surprisingly enough getVersionString() works.
Also, when I try this, entries show up in NegotiatorLog rather than SchedLog.
Am I contacting the wrong daemon ? If so, what port should I be using?

Thanks for any feedback,

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