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[Condor-users] Condor collector trying to contact cs.wisc.edu?


Running Condor 6.7.6 I see in our CollectorLog entries such as:

3/31 10:46:11 Can't connect to <>:0, errno = 113
3/31 10:46:11 Will keep trying for 10 seconds...
3/31 10:46:58 Connect failed for 10 seconds; returning FALSE
3/31 10:46:58 ERROR: SECMAN:2003:TCP connection to <>

3/31 10:46:58 Can't send UPDATE_COLLECTOR_AD to collector
(condor.cs.wisc.edu):Failed to send UDP update command to collector

I have configured the server not to send anything out of our site, so it
will never be able to talk to (astro.cs.wisc.edu). What I
cannot understand is why Condor is trying to send something out anyway.
I noticed the GLIDEIN_SERVER_URLS configuration setting mentions
gridftp.cs.wisc.edu (an alias for 'astro'), but have set this setting to

Anyone know what I have missed that is causing Condor to try and contact



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