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[Condor-users] Condor.pm - log path since 672 only relative?


I use the module Condor.pm instead of DagMAN for my huge jobs and I have a problem with Condor.pm since 672.
My submit file looks like this:

log = /opt/blast_workspace/tl364839/results/Conf95/ok___2005Mar31-1200/log
output = out1
error = out2
initialdir = /opt/blast_workspace/tl364839/results/Conf95/ok___2005Mar31-1200/erg/$(Process)

In 672, 676 Condor.pm looks for log at /opt/blast_workspace/tl364839/results/Conf95/ok___2005Mar31-1200/erg/$(Process)//opt/blast_workspace/tl364839/results/Conf95/ok___2005Mar31-1200/log. It doesn't recognize that log is an absolute path.
If I try log = log, Condor.pm looks for log at /opt/blast_workspace/tl364839/results/Conf95/ok___2005Mar31-1200/erg/$(Process)/log which also doesn't exist, because it doesn't resolve $(Process). So the Condor perl module cannot work.

Condor.pm versions before 672 work fine, they regognize that log is absolute (or they don't look at the initial dir). I would like to use the new features from the newer Condor perl modules, but how do I tell him to treat log as an absolute path?

Thomas Lisson