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Re: [Condor-users] Condor.pm - log path since 672 only relative?

On Thu, 31 Mar 2005 12:33:13 +0200  Thomas Lisson wrote:

> I use the module Condor.pm instead of DagMAN for my huge jobs and I
> have a problem with Condor.pm since 672.

yeah, sorry about that.  i tried to stop that problem from
happening... i saw it coming and tried to fight it, but my protests
were ignored.  i was out of town for a month and a few things snuck
past my usual quality control efforts. :(

> Condor.pm versions before 672 work fine, they regognize that log is
> absolute (or they don't look at the initial dir). I would like to
> use the new features from the newer Condor perl modules,

is there something specific in the new version you want/need, or do
you just suspect that the newer version must be better?  if i were
you, i'd stick with the version from 6.7.2 unless you have a
compelling need to use something else.

> but how do I tell him to treat log as an absolute path?

honestly, i haven't looked too closely at all the changes folks made
to Condor.pm while i was gone, so can't give you a quick patch to the
perl code to make it work again off the top of my head.  but, i've
forwarded your note to the folks responsible for the changes, and
hopefully they'll fix it in an upcoming release.  unfortunately, i
don't have time to fix it myself right now (too many other fires to
put out)...

again, my apologies.
-derek (condor team)