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Re: [Condor-users] COD "super user" ?

> What is wrong with FS_REMOTE_DIR as authentication method?

i'm assuming you are using NFS for the shared directory.

it's a syncing problem.  the server asks the client to write a file in the
FS_REMOTE_DIR.  the client does so, and then notifies the server.  then the
server checks the owner of the file.

now, they way that NFS works, the file sometimes isn't there from the
clients point of view.  we could add some sleep(), but that doesn't scale
well.  i believe daniel forrest proposed an idea on this list several
months ago that would do the correct thing, but it hasn't been implemented
yet.  i should really add that to our 6.7.X series.

so basically, FS_REMOTE will work sometimes, but not all the time, and it's
espeically bad when there's a load on your NFS server.