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[Condor-users] Condor Bug: Condor Status reatins old machine info after changing OS type.


I have a few machines which are dual boot linux fedora core 3 and windows XP.

I had one machine booted as Fedora core 3 OS..then i reoobted it as Windows XP.

Then i did a condor_status and the machine shows up twice. Once as a linux box and once as a windows xp box.

Seems there might be a slight bug in the condor_status code or collector???

It's as if the collector has the info cached agains some variable which would be the same under linux and windows..pehaps the network card id????

condor is 6.7.6 on my execute nodes (windows xp and fedora core 3)
condor is 6.7.6 on my master node (Redhat 7.2 Dec Alpha)