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Re: [Condor-users] Running multiple jobs on the same computer

Thanks John and Matthias,

I see. So there is no built-in dynamic solution to handle this kind of dependency?
Can I somehow include a text file in a submit file to automatically use its content
as submit information? This way I should only handle the machnie name writing
part and does not have to edit all the other submit files.


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On 5/17/2005 at 11:26 AM matthias.m.roehm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>You can do this with the "Machine" ClassAd:
>- Task A creates a file which contains the current machine it is running
>on(i.e MachineName = "testServer").
>- This file is transfered back to the submitting machine. A preScript (i.e
>a perl script) of DAGman reads this file for the MachineName and writes it
>in the requirements Job ClassAd of the tasks B1, B2,...
>- see chapter 2.11 in the Condor manual and chapter 9 for information on
>how to get the nachine name (condor_config_val).
>Task A is running on Machine "testServer". Before it finishes it writes
>"MachineName = testServer" to a file (name.txt).
>A preScript reads name.txt to get the Value of MachineName and writes it to
>the submit discription files of the Tasks B1, B2,... like:
>' requirements = Machine == "testServer" '
>> Hi,
>> I'm trying to setup Condor on our network and would like to create a
>> specific job hierarchy using Dagman:
>> - Task A creates some data files that will be processed by multiple
>> other jobs.
>> Data files are created locally to have as low network traffic as can be.
>> - Tasks B1, B2 and B3 should run on the same computer (and same
>> processor) after Task A is done to be able to
>> access the pre-computed data.
>> How can I dynamically constrain a job to run on a specific
>> processor? Is there any way to pass
>> messages between tasks - from Task A - to edit the submit file of
>> Task Bs before submission to
>> constrain them to a specific computer?
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Chers,
>> Horvátth Szabolcs
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