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Re: [Condor-users] Simulating while loops in DAGMan

This is all true, as long as you don't care aboute fault tolerance.
If, for instance, your submission machine is restarted, your submission will not be resumed after it's back to life. This can be achieved via submitting your Perl script using Scheduler universe, which will restart the script once Condor is running again. However if you start your perl script again, the streightforward implementation would restart the loop from the beginning, which means that the script should not be that simplistic.

 With DAG all this is handled automatically, which can be preferrable over the overhead of getting around the unfortunate limitations of this extremely useful tool.

On 11/1/05, Thomas Materna <materna@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You are using a perl script, I see, why don't you use the condor perl module
and write a perl script with the submission enclosed in a while loop. It
looks much more straightforward than trying to get around the limitations of


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> Hi,
> I'm trying to execute a job repeatedly until some convergence
> criterion is met.  I realise I can't have any loops so I'm
> trying to work around by using the RETRY function i.e. my DAG is:
> JOB iteration condor/while_body.submit
> RETRY iteration 1000 UNLESS-EXIT 2
> SCRIPT POST iteration condor/scripts/loop_condition.pl
> - while_body.submit is the body of the loop and I've made it
> always exit with status 1.
> - loop_condition.pl will exit with status 2 if we should
> terminate the loop, 0 otherwise.
> - I'm happy that the loop will stop after 1000 iterations no
> matter what (hopefully it won't get that far!)
> If that can work, I'd like to replace the body with a DAG
> i.e. an inner DAG produced by "condor_submit_dag -no_submit".
> FYI, I've got a solution for for loops, I just need while loops!
> Thanks in advance,
> Partha
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> Partha Lal
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