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Re: [Condor-users] How to not transfer executables

Erik Paulson wrote:
On Tue, Oct 11, 2005 at 12:39:40PM +0800, Olivier Thibaut wrote:

I'm newbie to Condor so this may be a trivial question, sorry :-)
I'm setting up a queue with machines on 4 different platforms (Windows, OSX and 2 different flavors of Linux).
I managed to set up Condor on a SuSe 9 and submit a job to Maya, but my problem is with Condor transfering the executable.

All the machines of the pool are going to have the needed executables in their path so I want to have all of the related stuff in my jobs script files.
How to tell Condor not to try transfering the executable but to use the one on the destination machine instead ?

transfer_executable = false copy_to_spool = false

Though you may want to consider transfering a shell script as the executable
that then calls Maya. You can use STARTD_EXPRS to put things into the machine classad of a mchine, and the
$$() macros in submit files to extract information from the machine ad.


(on the execute machine)
MAYA_LOCATION = /usr/macsox/maya/bin/maya

in the submit file:
environment = job_maya_location=$$(MAYA_LOCATION)
executable = job.sh

in job.sh


echo Maya is installed in $job_maya_location
exec $job_maya_location argument1 argument2 argument3


This is what I was looking for, thanks ! :-)
I'm specifying python as the executable and running a script to handle the maya rendering.
So far it's working great !