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Re: [Condor-users] Windows XP Storing creds

On 10/13/05, Srinivasan <srinivasan.manikantan@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
>         I am configuring some windows XP machines to insert into my
>        existing
>        pool. Here in my configuration i need the condor jobs to be run
>        as a
>        particular user(local user with same name exists in all
>        machines), only
>        that i want these machines to be "Execute Only".Here is where
>        the
>        configurations start conflicting..To run a condor job as
>        particular user
>        i need to store the user credentials which is then handled by
>        SCHEDD
>        daemon of condor which obviously not available in the "Execute
>        Only"
>        machines. Am i missing something here?..
>        Any Ideas.
>        Thanks in advance,
>        Srinivasan.

Start a schedd on them that refuses any submissions (by providing no
owner premissions)

Alternatively fire up the schedd on demand for the setting of the user.

Use the Bristol addin (I know nothing about this apart freom that it
is intended for what you want to do)