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Re: [Condor-users] Still Problem Submitting Job

Thanks, I did get my example job to run.

I had purposely not created a condor user because it said in the
installation instructions that it would default to that user is it existed,
but it was preferable to run them as root.  So I figured that they would run
as root if I did not have a condor user, instead they ran as daemon :)

I will read that installation for Linux.

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> > Is there a best way to install condor and where to put it?
> That's a loaded question. :-)  I have a few opinions on the matter at
> http://docs.optena.com/display/CONDOR/A+Simple+Linux+Installation
> For file locations... it all depends on what parts of your file system
> are shared (probably via NFS) and what parts of your file system are
> local to a machine.  There's more at the link above.
> > How do you run the daemons as root?  Mine list as user daemon and I
> was
> > told that they would switch to root when they activate.  I want to run
> > them as root.
> I've admittedly never seen the 'daemon' user appear like that.  Did you
> create a 'condor' account?  If not, what is CONDOR_IDS set to in your
> config file?
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