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Re: [Condor-users] condorview client

I was able to find that the condorview client from 6.1.8 on the
contrib page is good for that version of condor, or any higher.
but now a configuration question:

In the readme of the client it says that you can configure the
regular collector to collect the POOL_HISTORY_DIR, KEEP_POOL_HISTORY
In other places  in the manual it suggests to run a separate collector
as VIEW_SERVER to collect the condorview stuff.
Which is better?

Steve Timm

On Thu, 13 Oct 2005, Steven Timm wrote:

I am trying to install a condorview client on Condor 6.7.7.
In section it said that you should unpack or
untar the condorview client contrib module
into directory VIEWDIR.  but it doesn't say where to get the
condorview client.   As far as I can tell it is not part of the
default distribution either for 6.7.7 or 6.7.12.  The contrib
page does not show a contrib client for version 6.7.7 or for
any 6.7 version that I can tell.

Where do we get the client from?

Also--there seems to be conflicting information on
whether the condorview server should be run on a separate machine
or on the condor master node.  Which is right?


Steve Timm

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