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Re: [Condor-users] Need help running Condor with Globus Toolkit

On Sep 3, 2005, at 3:49 AM, abhishek tripathi wrote:

I am vey to new to condor world. I have installed the condor 6.6.9 and
globus tool kit 4.0 on my system and creted all the necesary certificates.so
when i run my job using globus-job-run command then the job executed well
but when i am trying to run the using condor_submit then it displays the
message that job is submited but when i check the status using condor_q it
shows me that job is ideal.whne I check with condor_globus then it shows me
the job status unsubmited and in the grid manager log file it shows me that
detected globus resource is down...

The 'detected globus resource is down" means that Condor-G was unable to talk to your Globus GRAM server.

Are you trying to use Web Services GRAM or pre-Web Services GRAM? If you want to use pre-WS GRAM, then you don't need to start postgres or globus-start-container. If you want to use WS GRAM, then you need to use globusrun_ws and Condor 6.7 to submit your jobs.

Can you show me your globusjob.submit file and what arguments you gave to globus-job-run?

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