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[Condor-users] 6.7.10, DAGs and windows


I have (my first) DAG job giving some curious errors. It submits a node
(the second), thinks it failed, and tries again 5 times.. But these
submitted jobs do indeed start, and come back to haunt:

9/9 17:11:04 Submitting Condor Job RunApsim ...
9/9 17:11:04 submitting: condor_submit  -a "dag_node_name = RunApsim" -a
"+DAGManJobID = 63" -a "submit_event_notes = DAG Node: RunApsim" -a
"+DAGParentNodeNames = \"MakeSims\"" RunApsim.dagsub
9/9 17:11:04 ERROR: submit failed:
	3 job(s) submitted to cluster 65.
9/9 17:11:04 ERROR: submit attempt failed
9/9 17:11:04 submit command was: condor_submit  -a "dag_node_name =
RunApsim" -a "+DAGManJobID = 63" -a "submit_event_notes = DAG Node:
RunApsim" -a "+DAGParentNodeNames = \"MakeSims\"" RunApsim.dagsub
9/9 17:11:04 Job submit try 1/6 failed, will try again in >= 1 second.
9/9 17:11:04 ERROR: node RunApsim: job ID in userlog submit event (65.0)
doesn't match ID reported earlier by submit command (-1.-1)!  Trusting
the userlog for now, but this is scary!
9/9 17:11:04 Event: ULOG_SUBMIT for Condor Job RunApsim (65.0)
9/9 17:11:04 Unrecognized submit event (for job "RunApsim") found in log
(none expected)


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