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Re: [Condor-users] Logging status to a mysql database

Hello Dear Steve Gertz

We have developed an information system that collects vast amounts of
data from various Condor data sources and stores this data in a mysql
database. The data sources that the system currently supports are the
Condor daemons log files, jobs' Classad (condor_q), machine's Classad
(condor_status), and extended machine's Classad as obtained by Hawkeye
monitoring system. An agent of the system has to be installed on every
machine in the pool and it collects the information locally and
independently from other agents and stores it in the db.

This work is performed as part of a Data Mining related research project
here in the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, CS faculty under
the supervision of Prof Assaf Shuster.

The system is now in a beta testing stages and we will advertise in the
future when the system will be ready to be released.

Best Regards,

Noam Palatin  

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> Hi,
> Does anyone have some info on how to get Condor to log status  
> information changes to a mysql database?  I'm looking to get job  
> information for the entire grid (time, what happened, where it  
> happened) into a mysql database.  I can get some logging information  
> off the history files for completed jobs, and condor_q -xml for jobs  
> that are not complete, but it seems less than optimal.  I've also  
> tried using the job logs which seem to have everything, but it  
> doesn't provide for multiple submit machines.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks!
> Steve Gertz
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