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[Condor-users] Problem installing condor on cluster.

I have a cluster with 24 nodes and a manager node.
names of each are
mgmnt.cluster.int has an alias thebeast.cluster.int (it was setup this way by the company that installed the cluster).
so when i log into the manager i get the prompt [thebeast] but if i ping thebeast it starts pinging mgmnt.cluster.int (
on the cluster /home/condor is shared between all nodes.
I ran condor_install and setup the various options, selecting that /home/condor was shared and the relevant options with config files etc.
During condor_install i set the condor central manager to mgmnt.cluster.int
The cluster manager machine is also my condor central manager. 
I then ran condor_init and then condor_master but the collector and a few other processes associated with the central manager
is not running so I can only presume than when im executing condor_master on this machine its only recognising itself as a normal
node and not the central manager which I want it to be.
Is there something simple I am missing or overseeing?
Many thanks in advance
Chris Miles
University Of Paisley, Scotland