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[Condor-users] Job Submission Problem on windows


I am a condor newbie and unable to set things right.

I have installed condor on 4 windows systems.

But I am unable to submit jobs other than from central manager.
And when I try to submit job from central manager to some other
execution node, I erceive the foloowing error.

For Node 1
condor_submit cpusoak.sub -n node1.full.hostname -s
it shows
Submitting job(s)
ERROR: Permission to transfer executable cluster.1904.ickpt.subproc0 denied.

For Node2 it shows
Submitting job(s)
ERROR:Failed to connect to queue manager node2.full.hostname
AUTHENTICATE:1002: Failure performing handshake.

What am I missing in this?
Waiting for your kind suggestions.

Sawan Gupta