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Re: [Condor-users] Running job as a particular user in Condor 6.7.18

Hello Shakeb,

This is what is present in the manual.

UID_DOMAIN The UID DOMAIN macro is used to decide under which user to run your jobs. If
    the $(UID_DOMAIN) on the submitting machine is different than the $(UID_DOMAIN) on
    the machine that runs your job, then Condor will run the job as the user called “nobody”.
    example, if the submit machine has the $(UID_DOMAIN) “flippy.cs.wisc.edu” and the machine
    where the job will execute has the $(UID_DOMAIN) “cs.wisc.edu”, the job will run as
    user nobody, because the two $(UID_DOMAIN)s are not the same. If the $(UID DOMAIN)
    is the same on both the submit and execute machines, then Condor will run the job as the user
    that submitted the job.

SOFT_UID_DOMAIN When Condor is about to run a job as a particular user (instead of the user
    nobody, see UID_DOMAIN above for when this happens), it verifies that the UID given for
    the user is in the password file and actually matches the given user name. However, some
    installations may not have every user in every machine’s password file, so this check will fail
    and the execution attempt will be aborted. If you prefer that Condor not do this check, because
    users are not in every password file, set this attribute to True. Condor will then run the job
    under the user’s UID anyway.

So, configure same UID_DOMAIN on both your submit and execute machines or set SOFT_UID_DOMAIN.  First choice is better.

You can also modify VM1_USER (VM2_USER, ...) settings, but that is not relevant to your problem.


shakeb_siddiqi wrote on 04/22/2006 05:04 PM:

I have installed Condor 6.7.18 on Linux. What is the way to provide a username/password to run the job under a particular user account on a remote machine. 

Suppose i submit the job under the user "test" then the job should run in the remote machine under the user "test". How do i provide the password for the user "test" so that the job can run in the remote machine.

Kindly guide me regarding this issue.


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