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[Condor-users] Accessing locally installed applications from Condor

Dear Condor users
I have programs in Java which interfaces with applications installed in a local
machines (example, Excel). I use Java Naive Interface to make COM calls from
my Java application. Currently I am using my own middleware to dispatch work
to idle resources and to collate the results.
I would like to know whether it is possible for Condor to do the same. I mean, can
it have access to locally installed applications or does it run in a sandbox? What
I would ideally like to do is to write a program which reads a parameter file, divides
it into well-defined work units and submits jobs to condor. Each submitted job would
contain one workunit any my Java application.
Once a resource is claimed by Condor, the Java application will run on the claimed
resource and it will interact with installed applications and send back the result.
Any will be appreciated.