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Re: [Condor-users] Accessing locally installed applications from Condor

Hello Navonil,

You should be able to run installed applications.  You may have to take care of environment (like %PATH%).

You may want to first try running your java application anywhere and then splitting the job.  What this means is - without splitting your application into work units, submit a job such that the whole application runs good on a host different from the submit host.  Once this is running good, you can proceed with splitting your application.  This is the approach that we found very useful.


Navonil Mustafee wrote on 04/22/2006 05:59 PM:
Dear Condor users
I have programs in Java which interfaces with applications installed in a local
machines (example, Excel). I use Java Naive Interface to make COM calls from
my Java application. Currently I am using my own middleware to dispatch work
to idle resources and to collate the results.
I would like to know whether it is possible for Condor to do the same. I mean, can
it have access to locally installed applications or does it run in a sandbox? What
I would ideally like to do is to write a program which reads a parameter file, divides
it into well-defined work units and submits jobs to condor. Each submitted job would
contain one workunit any my Java application.
Once a resource is claimed by Condor, the Java application will run on the claimed
resource and it will interact with installed applications and send back the result.
Any will be appreciated.

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