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Re: [Condor-users] Running a job as a particular user in Condor

On Apr 22, 2006, at 6:53 AM, shakeb_siddiqi wrote:

In continuation to my earlier mail I have another query as well.

Suppose i submit a job under the user "test1" and want it to get executed under another user "test2" on the remote machine. Is that possible in Condor and what is the way to provide the passowrd for the user "test2" under which i want to run my job.

I have installed Condor 6.7.18 on Linux. What is the way to provide a username/password to run the job under a particular user account on a remote machine.

Suppose i submit the job under the user "test" then the job should run in the remote machine under the user "test". How do i provide the password for the user "test" so that the job can run in the remote machine.

You can configure Condor to run a job as the same user as the submitter or as a nobody user. In the latter case, the administrator can set what account is used. But there's no way for the submitter of a job to specify what account the job should be run under.

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