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Re: [Condor-users] histsory logging parameters

Yup, great thanks.


Alain Roy wrote:
I would like to diable file rotation but there doesn't seem to be an 
indication as to what parameters to change to do this.  Is there 
documentation anywhere with regard to this?

Yup, it's in the Configuration section of the manual. There's a lot 
of stuff there, so it can be hard to find things. Specifically it's 
in 3.3.2 Condor-wide Configuration File Entries

     If this is defined to be true, then the history file will be 
rotated. If it is false, then it will not be rotated, and it will 
grow indefinitely, to the limits allowed by the operating system. If 
this is not defined, it is assumed to be true. The rotated files wil 
be stored in the same directory as the history file.

     Defines the maximum size for the history file, in bytes. It 
defaults to 20MB. This parameter is only used if history file 
rotation is enabled.

     When history file rotation is turned on, this controls how many 
backup files there are. It default to 2, which means that there may 
be up to three history files (two backups, plus the history file that 
is being currently written to). When the history file is rotated, and 
this rotation would cause the number of backups to be too large, the 
oldest file is removed.

I hope this helps.


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